Why small of back carry is STUPID

That’s right, we are calling it out. Straight out of the gate, and right away. There is no reason or benefits to carrying small of the back (directly over the spine) that can outweigh the many risks and hazards.

First let’s look at the reason people carry small of back. They do that to make it more concealed, and so the grip does not stick out to the side. Using the width of their body to conceal the firearm to make up for how the holster can not. Other reasons are that it can provide the “illusion” that you are reaching for a wallet when you are actually going for your gun.

All of those points seem solid, but the reality of them is not so grounded.

  1. Your body can hide the grip just as well if you move it off center, but not directly onto the hip.
  2. If the grip is so large that is your only option maybe the gun is really too big for concealed carry.
  3. Trying to get the drop on someone that already has a gun drawn on you will never end well. You can’t outdraw someone who already has their gun drawn.
  4. Usually wearing small of back means you need an opposite hand holster. Right hand draw will need a left hand so the gun can be grabbed easier. Forcing you to sweep yourself with the gun as you draw it! Remember the basic rules of firearms safety?! Never point the gun at something you do not wish to destroy!
  5. What happens when you are on the ground? It’s VERY hard to access that firearm when you are on your back and the gun is between you and the ground, with someone ontop of you attacking.
  6. And finally… speaking of going to the ground… what happens when a solid piece of metal is between your spine and the ground when you hit it hard from slipping on ice? From fighting with a perpetrator? From just simply taking a fall wrong? That gun is going to severely damage your spine. And when that happens you should feel very lucky to even be walking again. We have met several people that now roll around in a wheelchair because of that exact reason and scenario that happened.

At the end of the day there is no reason to carry in such a way. Moving your gun a bit further over to the 4:30 or 5 o’clock position, solves all of those problems and gives you full control to blade the firearm away from an attacker.

Won’t Kydex damage the finish on my gun?

We get asked this quite a bit, and it’s a good question. You would figure with the hard plastic that kydex is made out of that it would cause more damage to the finish of the firearm in comparison to a soft material like leather or nylon. The trick to all of this is to look at what causes the wear in the first place.

Wear is caused by abrasion, and abrasion is caused by having roughness to a surface rubbing against another. The surprising thing here, is that kydex is actually smooth, even more so it doesn’t have pores to capture dirt and dust in! So that leaves it all up to the holster maker to do a good job of keeping the holster sleek and smooth drawing to keep wear to a minimum.

Leather and Nylon holsters are full of small pores and have a fine texture which causes them to act like fine sandpaper. Over a few dozen draws on those materials you can start to see the wear and tear showing up. After a few years you can only imagine how bad it will get. Combine that with knowing that you can’t wash out a leather holster, and you can only wash a nylon holster so much before it starts to come apart, and a Kydex holster pays for itself quickly.

Long story short, because of the smooth non-porous material that kydex is, it actually makes for less wear and longer service life of the holster.