Guardian Series Holsters

Our Guardian Series holsters are designed to be as minimal and functional as possible. A combination of getting as much functionality as possible from our Specter line but slimming it down to create the smallest form factor possible. Making it ideal for appendix carry, or something to just be tucked away for quick and easy carry.

The initial goal of our Guardian series is that we wanted a holster that would work great for appendix carry as the Specter line was too wide to do so comfortably. This made us narrow the holster as much as possible, however we still wanted to have the modular capability of the Specter. As a result we made a single series of mounting holes and put on an offset J hook. But the cool thing, is it still has a modular function unlike all the other holsters that use built in clips. You can still install the Ulticlips or even expand it out to make it part of an entire rig for carrying spare ammo as well.

Why buy a brand new entire holster to adjust one small aspect of the one you already have?

Even better you can customize your holster through us with different colors, prints, and designs. Check out the different colors we offer.